progressive metal

Immediately after its foundation in 2001 by drummer Morten Gade Sørensen (Wuthering Heights, Anubis Gate) Pyramaze managed to attract attention: Lance King (Balance of Power) took place behind the microphone. After two albums he handed the baton over to Matt 'Iced Earth' Barlow, who once again put Pyramaze in the spotlight.

After a break, the band returned strongly in 2015. A deal was made with Innerwound Recordings (Leah, Wind Rose, Angel Nation) and with 'Disciples Of The Sun' Pyramaze chose delicious melodic metal with a more progressive sound. This strong combination was continued in 2017 with 'Contingent', which resulted in a co-headliner show at Progpower Europe.

Oh yes, and as a guitarist the producer Jacob Hansen (Epica, Kamelot, Volbeat) joined the band. The chance to see him live at work alone is something for which lovers of progressive metal will be happy to travel to Apeldoorn. Moreover, the show at the Brainstorm Festival is the only chance to see Pyramaze on stage this year in the Netherlands. Don't miss it!



Het verhaal van Power Quest is sterk verwant met dat van DragonForce. Eigenlijk kun je Power Quest zien als het jongere broertje van de Engelse power-metal grootmacht. Die vergelijking komt voort uit het feit dat oprichter Steve Williams ooit bandlid was van DragonForce. In 2001 begon hij aan zijn nieuwe avontuur met Power Quest, om er twaalf jaar later de stekker uit te trekken. Drie jaar lang is het stil, maar dan keren de Engelsen terug.

Innerwound Recordings (Leah, Pyramaze, Angel Nation) brengt in 2017 het nieuwe album ‘Sixth Dimension’ uit, waarmee Power Quest laat horen nog altijd relevant te zijn. De aanstekelijke power-metal wordt bijzonder goed ontvangen, en de band trekt door Engeland als support van – jawel – DragonForce. Ook volgden er mooie shows in Zweden en zelfs Japan.

Op het Brainstorm Festival komt Power Quest laten zien waar zij goed in zijn: het publiek entertainen met een hoogstaand portie power-metal. Muzikaal steekt de band dusdanig goed in elkaar dat ook liefhebbers van andere genres toch even een kijkje moeten nemen. Extra bijzonder: dit wordt de eerste Nederlandse show van Power Quest sinds hun reünie!



Signum Regis is coming back to the Netherlands! In recent years the band has been seen several times on the stages in our country and has also performed at the Brainstorm Festival. Yet their last show on Dutch soil dates back to March 2016. Reason enough, then, for a repetition.

The Slovaks managed to quickly make a name for themselves in recent years with the help of Ulterium Records. There was also stability in the line-up, with the arrival of singer Mayo Petranin. Before that, the band used a variety of singers, including Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen), Matt Smith (Theocracy) and Thomas L. Winkler (Gloryhammer).

With their smooth power-metal and singable choruses, Signum Regis is a must-see band at the Brainstorm Festival. All the more so because the band succeeds in creating an excellent live show time and time again. And it is the only chance this year to see the band live at work in our country!



With Angel Nation we bring a special band to the Brainstorm Festival. Behind the microphone of this English gothic-metal band stands no less than Elina Siirala, the current singer of Leaves' Eyes. That fact alone is reason enough to come and see Angel Nation. But there is more reason: the band is just very good.

The band was founded in 2011 by singer Elina. At the time she chose the name EnkElination, where the Finnish word 'enkeli' stands for 'angel'. Only in 2016 the name was changed to Angel Nation, after which the band signed a contract with Innerwound Recordings (Leah, Power Quest, Pyramaze). There's no lack of live experience, as the band already performed on Camden Underworld and Bloodstock Open Air.

After Liv Kristine's departure from Leaves' Eyes, Elina was asked to perform as a singer for the popular gothic/viking metal band. In 2016 she toured the United States with the band. A tour with Sabaton followed in 2017. But now Elina is back with her own band Angel Nation. And the Brainstorm Festival has the only Dutch show this fall. A must see!



Anyone who attended the Brainstorm Festival in 2016 and was present at the main stage in time on Saturday afternoon, saw a gem at work on stage: Leonov. With their post-rock combined with penetrating black and white images, the band immediately brought the audience to a standstill. And it remained so throughout their set. A loud applause was their part.

Last year Leonov came back to our country, this time for a show at the female metal event FemME in Eindhoven. There, too, the band was able to attract many new fans. And now that Leonov has new work available, a show at the Brainstorm Festival is a logical sequel to it.

To make it another special experience, the concert will be held in the theatre. In a relaxed atmosphere, the atmospheric music and clear vocals of Tåran Reindal can impress even more. This will be unforgettable!



They are real heroes, the guys of Despicable Heroes. In recent years the band has worked very hard and this year they were rewarded: the band won the Metal Battle! Both the public prize and the jury prize went to the men from Barneveld and the surrounding area. Suddenly, Despicable Heroes was on the map. The list of festivals where the band is welcome grows with the passing of the week. Stonehenge, Freakstock, Baroeg Open Air, all invited these heroes.

We have known for a long time that Despicable Heroes has a lot to offer. They have already played on stage at the Brainstorm Festival before. And now that they have won the Metal Battle, we are happy to give them the chance to shine again. Musically, this promises to be a beautiful party. In 2018, the metalcore of the past is increasingly interspersed with death-metal, creating a wall of sound. Get ready for some headbanging and give these heroes a true hero reception!


symphonic black-metal

With Opus Irae we have a surprising band that will pamper lovers of extreme, symphonic metal. This autumn, the long-awaited debut album of these Germans will be released via the Swedish cult label Endtime Productions. So quality is guaranteed!

Opus Irae has been on the metal scene for a while, and have also played twice in the Netherlands. This earned the bands their first loyal fans in the Low Countries. And with their show at the Brainstorm Festival, the gentlemen and lady will win a lot of new souls.

What is special is that the band - besides their black-metal show on the mainstage - also will perform in the theatre. There no black metal, but the emphasis here lies on the classical and symphonic aspect of the band. That too will be an experience!