Here some rules that Brainstorm Festival and club Gigant both agree on:

  • Respect visitors, employees and the building itself. Follow all orders from the crew of both Gigant and Brainstorm Festival. We won't tolerate any form of aggression.
  • It's not allowed to carry weapons. If so, we will contact the police.
  • It's not allowed to buy or sell hard- and/or softdrugs. It's not allowed to use harddrugs in Gigant. The club only allows to blow in the concerthall, but we prefer to keep Brainstorm Festival drugsfree!
  • If you are not 16 years old yet, you'll need an adult to escort you.
  • No alcohol is served to people under 16 years old. Visitors under 18 years old can't get any strong alcoholic drinks. It's not allowed to use to much alcohol.
    Security at the entrance of the club is allowed to ask for your identification-card. If you don't have one with you, they are free to not let you in. Security is also allowed to check personal belongings and clothing if necessary.
  • It's not allowed to bring in your own drinks. It's also not allowed to bring drinks outside.
  • Camera's are located at several places in Gigant. Every visitor automatically agrees that recordings will be made.
  • Lost or found personal belongings can be delivered or received at the bar.
  • For complaints have a word with the director of the club.
  • People who don't follow the rules are not allowed to get in, might be taken out of the club and if necessary will be hand over to the police.