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progressive metal

We've never won the lottery, but the fact that Extol headlines Brainstorm Festival 2023 might feel like an even bigger win. We simply did not dare to

dream of this, because the band has not been active for years. But sometimes the penny falls in the right direction, and that situation arises now. In short, Extol is our great headliner! Extol was founded in 1993 and made a big impression with the debut album 'Burial'. The subsequent 'Undeceived' was also a hit, and the Norwegians were picked up by the great Century Media. Then things went fast. The band unleashed their death-metal sound on the thrashy album 'Synergy', experimented on 'The Blueprint Dives' and then abruptly stopped their rapid advance. In 2013, Extol was suddenly back with the eponymous album 'Extol' that was released via Indie Recordings. But even then it became quiet. Until it was announced that the band would do a reunion show in the United States in the fall of 2023. We immediately contacted the band, and after some negotiations, Extol decided to also play at Brainstorm Festival in Apeldoorn as well. Isn't that great? Don't miss this unique opportunity!



symphonic metal

Xandria returns to Brainstorm Festival! The band already played our event in 2017, shortly after vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen left the band. Xandria then disappeared for a while, but the band is back with singer Ambre Vourvahis. The new album 'The Wonders Still Awaiting' is excellent, and we are therefore proud that Xandria is visiting our festival in Apeldoorn again.

The roots of Xandria go back to 1994, although we can only speak of a band since 1999. Although the band occasionally changed vocalists behind the microphone, the Germans grew into a big international name. Albums like 'Neverworld's End', 'Sacrificium' and 'Theater Of Dimensions' found their way to the ever-growing fan base.

With the new album 'The Wonders Still Awaiting' Xandria takes their career a step further. Both musically and lyrically, the band delivers an actual message that cannot be ignored. Xandria has simply grown into one of the biggest symphonic metal bands in Europe. Fantastic to have such a band on stage with us at the Brainstorm Festival!



symphonic power-metal

Confirming Serenity might have been a little bit obvious. After all, vocalist Georg Neuhauser was present last year with Fallen Sanctuary. He impressed us and the audience so much that inviting his main band, Serenity, was a logical next step to take. 

The Austrian band walks the thin line between power-metal and melodic metal, in which the songs are provided with historical stories. Not surprising, because Georg Neuhauser is a history teacher in everyday life. Only his students don't get the lessons packaged as nicely as Serenity presents them at Brainstorm Festival.

Over the years, Serenity has grown into one of the better European bands within the genre, with a growing, loyal fan base. At Brainstorm Festival the band will undoubtedly present a great show with guitar solos, fast guitar parts and the wonderful vocals of Georg Neuhauser. Come and see!



heavy metal

A new singer behind the microphone and a new album in the pocket, which sees the light of day just before Brainstorm Festival: Temperance is coming back to Apeldoorn! Two years ago the band made a big impression with their catchy melodic metal and polyphonic vocals. Since then a few things have changed within the Italian band, but above all they have become much better known.

For the past two years, Temperance seemed almost constantly on the move. The band toured all over Europe and saw their fanbase grow. Whether it was a small café or a large stage: the Italians got great feedback everywhere.

With the fact that the band is presenting their new album at Brainstorm Festival, the circle is complete. Two years ago Tempernace was an interesting name that was not yet very well known in the Netherlands, but the band has now grown into a serious player in the metalscene that everyone will look forward to!



progressive death-metal

Anyone who has followed In Vain closely in recent years knows that this Norwegian band always delivers quality. Not only on their albums, but certainly also during live shows. In 2009 and 2010 the band played at Brainstorm Festival, but after such a long time we can't wait to have them playing our event once more! 

And In Vain doesn’t come empty handed... The band is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and that will be celebrated during the Brainstorm Festival with a show in which all their highlights pass. And all presented with overwhelming progressive death metal, combined with varied vocals: from grunts and screams to clean vocal(choirs). This will be a show to enjoy with a capital E!



prower metal

In a short time Fellowship manages to win more and more fans. Not surprising, because the band members come across as very sympathetic and also make a wonderful kind of power metal. Ofcourse the band clearly looked at Twilight Force, with which the band is also doing a tour through Japan this year. It shows once again that these gentlemen are serious about their work.

To get a good impression, it is worth watching some videos on YouTube. Sitting still is not possible, and the band also knows how to make you smile. It will be a show to remember at the Brainstorm Festival, which is also the first show on Dutch soil for Fellowship!



doomy folk-rock

The desolate archipelago above the British Isles proves to be fertile ground for high-quality music. For example, the gentlemen of Hamferd have already appeared on stage with us, and this time it is the honor for Hamradun. The folk-rock band was founded by an ex-member of Hamferd, and the band is becoming well established in Europe.

In their songs, Hamradun sings about legends and stories of the Faroe Islands. In addition, the band sings in their own language, which is only spoken by 52,000 people. It gives the songs an extra dimension. Musically there are also influences from doom-metal and folk-rock.

It makes Hamradun a more than interesting band. To emphasize this, the band will provide a special performance in our theater. The regular visitors of Brainstorm Festival know enough: this is going to be epic!



progressive metal

A long, long time ago, Eluveitie was supposed to headline the first edition of Brainstorm Festival. Unfortunately, the band had to cancel at the time due to illness. Since then, we have never been able to find a match in our calendars. We did however brought Cellar Darling to Apeldoorn, consisting of ex-members of Eluveitie. And this time comes Lyrre, with hurdy-gurdy player Michalina Malisz (ex-Eluveitie) in the ranks.

The singer has a successful concept with Lyrre, which should appeal to fans of female fronted metal, folk-metal, melodic metal and even death-metal. The sound of the hurdy-gurdy, the dark guitar parts and the atmospheric melodies makes Lyrre a pleasure to listen to. Mark our words: Lyrre will become a big band in the metalscene!



melodic metalcore

Aggressive music, to build positive people! That statement is from Confessions Of A Traitor, the English metalcore band that has been growing fast lately. They even managed to score a record deal with Facedown Records. Confessions Of A Traitor, simply COAT, is the only European band on this quality label.

And aggressive, that's COAT's music absolutely! The volume opens all the way, resulting in an energetic live show. Mosh pit guaranteed! And all this to spread a positive message. ,,We want to provide an escape for people, to embrace their belief when all else is lost'', say the gentlemen. COAT has been working for ten years and now they can finally be seen in the Netherlands!




For the loyal visitors of Brainstorm Festival, Leonov is not an unknown name. In 2016 the band travelled to Apeldoorn for the first time and left a crushing impression. Leonov returned two years later, this time for a special show in our theatre. And again you could have heard a pin drop. That's how overwhelming their show was.

It's time to bring Leonov back. And for a reason: the band is releasing a new album this year. Once again Leonov gets a place in our theater hall, where the Norwegian post-rock/metal band can give us a taste of their music. This undoubtedly promises to be another highlight of the annual Brainstorm Festival!



symphonic metal

FlowerLeaf was founded in 2017 by Vivs Takahashi and Marcelo Kaczorowsky with the ambition to follow their dreams. After a year of discoveries and hard work, they released their debut album ‘Stronger’, which was met with many positive reviews all over the world.

But they wanted more, so they decided to leave their homeland Brazil in search of new challenges and opportunities. And so they arrived in Germany in 2019, where they immediately started playing live shows and participating in festivals like the FemME in the Netherlands and KillerZ Fest in Germany. Expect a band that is eager to play and give you the very best they’ve got!



progressive death-metal

Who says Neverus, says Wintersun. After all, it is abundantly clear who has been the great example for Neverus. But cheating at Wintersun is absolutely no shame, and the Dutch have also succeeded in giving their own twist to that source of inspiration. That resulted in a stunner of a debut album: ‘Burdens Of The Earth’.

Quite rightly, Neverus played at ProgPower Europe last year, and a follow-up to the Brainstorm Festival was therefore no more than a logical step. The gentlemen will open on Friday evening at our mainstage, and that will be quite a challenge for the audience. Because once Neverus has finished their overwhelming metalshow, it still has a whole festival to go!